The 2nd Conference of
Global Health Forum of
Boao Forum for Asia

(June 3, 2021

Dr. Klaus Schustereder, Participates in Panel Discussion

It is estimated that 22% of the global population live today in situations of fragility and in countries affected by conflict or violence. War, violence and persecution are driving nearly 80 million people to forced displacement. Multiple threats often emerge together. While implementing humanitarian health interventions, it should be ensured that the most vulnerable, such as women, children, elderly, patients with chronic conditions, persons with mental or physical disabilities, deprived of freedom, Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees, as well as victims of violence and conflicts have guaranteed access to essential health services and continuum of care. Based on humanitarian assistance and development, and the practical experiences of Chinese and international key institutions implementing Goals 2030 in vulnerable countries, this panel focuses on universal health coverage and aims to raise awareness among all concerned about the health situation in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.