Bringing new ideas to people in need.

The Physis Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Switzerland.

Since 2014 we focus on innovative concepts in the treatment of infectious diseases.

We operate in Switzerland and Africa.

Since 2019 the Foundation also investigates the impact of trauma on infectious disease.

We identified 4 parameters as being crucial to successfully implement health care concepts in high challenging environments.

  • Simplicity
  • Affordability
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety

In 2021, the Physis Foundation Guinea/West Africa was inaugurated. Physis Guinea operates in Conakry and is a collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


We support humanitarian projects in Central African Republic (CAR), Guinea and Afghanistan.

Implementation of Western concepts are often associated with huge difficulties on many different levels.  A permanent dialogue with the people on the ground allows us to learn and improve continuously.  The complexity of intercultural dialogue can not be overestimated.  Relationship building and developing common values is the base for sustainable growth.  Language as well as diplomatic skills are important tools when going on a mission. We expect from future Western Collaborators courage and personality.  Working in Highly Challenging Environments often trigger strong confrontations with ourselves.  The ability to auto-analyse and to learn quickly is crucial.

All our projects are cooperation with the government.


Prof. Marc Henry, professor emeritus from Strasburg University and Dr. Klaus Schustereder, specialist in General Internal Medicine, bring together expertise in Medicine, Psychologie, Chemistry, Entropie, Physics and Quantum Physis.

Some of the results of the collaboration between Prof. Herny and Dr. Schustereder will soon be made available for a larger audience.  In total about 100 videos will be released.  This will allow everybody interested in our ideas and research to see and understand how we integrate Entropy and the multiple aspects of water in our understanding in Biology and Medicine.

Understanding water and entropy are the foundation for new therapies.

We are pleased to provide soon more information about this very exciting research we do.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein
German Theoretical-Physicist