written by Klaus Schustereder

I came to CAR for the first time in 2005 and stayed till 2007. I’d say that working in the medical field in this country has always been an extremely challenging mission.

Since the civil war in 2013 followed by a genocide, the peoples of CAR went through a humanitarian catastrophy where from they did not recover yet. Many people are still terribly traumatized. Economy is on the bottom. Ongoing political instability as well as lack of security on the roads, makes it difficult for the population get medical care. 

The ev.luth. church of CAR built a wonderful little hospital in the North-West of the country at a strategic place called Gallo. This hospital has a women’s ward, a mens ward, a laboratory, a surgery theatre and a pharmacy. There are guest houses around the hospital. Gallo is situated in a holoendemic Malaria area with an HIV prevalence of about 15 %, an incredible high percentage of undernourished children, urgent needs in the fields of obstetrics and surgery. The guest houses around the hospital makes Gallo to a place with enormous potential for intercultural medical cooperation.

We try to help by improving networks on a national and international level. We also try to organize further training by bringing the hospital in contact with experts in medicine, adminstration and organization.

In order to provide more support for the population, the ev.luther. church of CAR tries to intensify its dialogue with its partners in Africa and in the Western World. The church also tries to find new partners.

Intercultural cooperation offers huge potential for all participants to learn and to evolve on a personal and professional level. Openminded dialogue is the tool to understand each other and to identify eachothers needs. It is the first step towards a collective future.

We hope that this short video will bring people together.

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