Peter Sage interviewed by Dr. Klaus Schustereder

The Physis Foundation discovered Peter Sage on London Real in autumn 2015. When we were studying his website, we found tons of good content. We discovered a man who’s thinking is truly systemic, which is unconventional in the reductionist worlds of business and science.

Our current age is characterised by a change in thinking and paradigms.  A global society is emerging and if the human race wants to survive, systemic and sustainable solutions are needed. The members of the PHYSIS foundation believe, that interdisciplinary and inter-cultural dialogue are a true source of inspiration. In order to understand each other and to evolve together in a coherent and peaceful way, we need to listen to people with new ideas and wisdom.

Peter Sage is such a person. He is amazingly interdisciplinary allowing people from different fields to tune into his thinking easily. Due to his coherency, eloquence and energetic way of presenting his point of view, Peters talking becomes educating and entertaining at the same time. He, in fact, is the living example, that we need to rethink education and teaching on every level. He is a great example that people like him, who do not come from the academic world, can make a huge difference. Peter Sage definitely is an incredible source of wisdom, forcing us to rethink our lives.

We are convinced Peter Sage can make a very important contribution in medicine and healthcare, although he is not a scientist.  The PHYSIS Foundation in Montreux/Switzerland had the opportunity to discuss with Peter the flowing question: “Human Potential and the circumstances we need in order to develop it”. His visit at our foundation’s headquarters has been a big pleasure and an honour for us.

Peter, thank you for coming and we hope we’ll have you here again soon.