The Current Medical Paradigm

Cartesian Capitalism Vs. Systemic Alternatives

written by Christian Köhlert

The conceptual framework of western medicine is based on the Newtonian/Cartesian paradigm, and monistic materialism. Matter is the most important principle. The body is mainly perceived purely as a physical entity. Emotions or cognitive qualities are understood as by-products of a materialistic process. Furthermore, spiritual experiences are basically classified as pathological experiences. The human body is portrayed as a super machine governed by mechanical laws. The image of the body as a purely mechanical system has led to the paradigm that only by dissecting and studying all its parts in detail can we find the solutions to fix it.

In the Newtonian/Cartesian framework, the emergence of symptoms is perceived as a problem, which can be corrected only by identifying the dysfunctionial part. The symptom itself is not perceived as a signal by the system to repair itself or to evolve. In western medical science self-regulative resources and self-healing are accepted as a reality, but are not the matter of systematic research.

The PHYSIS Foundation’s members believe that one of the challenges in today’s medical research is the entanglement of modern medicine with capitalistic efforts. Health and disease offer present enormous lucrative potential. This attracts investors whose purpose is solely to increase their capital. Hence, there is a real risk that medical institutions are used by those who have the capital merely to gain money in the field of health and disease.

Furthermore, the transformation of the present medical paradigm is interconnected with social mechanisms. It’s a systemic process appointed by many parameters.

We are not judging this situation, but rather would like to pin-point the fact that any new therapeutic or diagnostic approach in medicine may become a potential competitor, and therefore a threat to established companies. Understandably such threats trigger defensive mechanisms. A common method is targeting the reputation of the individuals who are behind innovative ideas. By using the internet and various mainstream outlets a negative connotation gets established, which makes it more difficult for independent researchers to get funding for their research.

The mechanisms and tactics to deal with such “threats” are very advanced, and are embedded in all social branches, even to the highest echelons of politics. This mode of operation is part of the system, and it’s defence to maintain it’s interests.

We’d like to make clear that we are not here to judge the way the ‘game’ is played. We are certain that from a systemic point of view, the way the world is today provides the potential towards evolution for societies and individuals, independently whether somebody is part of the ruling class or not.

A deeper analysis of the issue quickly brings into the discussion of belief structures or philosophical creeds.

We like to provide a theoretical frame-work and support innovative ideas in order to create a peaceful and sustainable world for all human beings independently of their culture, religion, or skin colour.